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The Planet Side presents the final exhibition of the photographic-scientific project On the Trails of the Glaciers, which over the last 12 years has documented the effects of climate change on the Earth’s most important mountain glaciers.

The images, presented in large format and with very high printing quality, were taken during six expeditions to the glaciers of Karakorum, Caucasus, Alaska, Andes, Himalayas and Alps.

The exhibition, thanks to a proven graphic concept and the synthesis of artistic experience and scientific research, presents photographic comparisons of great visual impact combined with the disclosure of scientific data collected by the researchers involved in the expeditions.

The contents are presented using the most modern techniques of interactive design and data visualisation: projections on large screens, interactive video installations and immersive images lead the visitor into the profound and complex link between human species and nature.

Beside the comparative images, there are landscape photographs taken by Fabiano Ventura, the project director, and backstage images that recount the team’s research work. The exhibition is completed by the projection of videos taken from the expeditions’ documentaries, collections of historical and modern photographic and mountaineering equipment and collections of documents and maps of particular historical and scientific value.   |   Download the exhibition brochure  |   Contact us for more information

Icelandscapes, landscapes of Iceland

The exhibition brings together the images that the naturalist photographer Fabiano Ventura has taken during his travels on the island.

The images show the astonishing features of the Icelandic landscape, where the hand of nature has drawn unique shapes of incredible charm, using colours and combinations that leave you stunned by their perfection and “fantasy”.

Here, more than anywhere else, there is immediate contact with the powerful forces that have shaped the planet and with the delicate relationship that binds the human species to it, in a bond that not only nourishes us, but also defines us.

All this is to be preserved.